Who likes the Mango?

Mango, mango, who like the mango, woaaaah, who like the mango!

Apologies for those who aren’t familiar with this rather bizarre song…it seemed appropriate at the time! Because Mango (not the fruity one the fashion-y one!) seems to have a really fantastic outerwear design team this Autumn.


Until recently, I had never been particularly drawn to the high-street store. I’ve had a few items from there, but they had either been bought in charity shops or from House of Fraser pop-up stores. I then discovered how amazing their choice of earrings was and since, haven’t kept my eyes far from their ‘New In’ list.


At this time of year, the new stuff comes flooding in, and I love to look through and think, if I had the money to buy a whole new winter wardrobe, what would I be buying this season? Well let me tell you… a lot from Mango!


Coats are my favourite items of clothing. Wear with all outfits, wear every day of the week, dress it up, dress it down, whatever takes your fancy!!! I also have a particular bias for anything in pink and yellow hues, so they have me hooked!


I haven’t quite put my finger on it quite yet, but there is a lot going on on their website which makes me want to buy it all! The girls look very cool, but being ‘them’ doesn’t feel far from realistic…it seems that all you need is a yellow fur coat and you’re on to a winner!

Visit mango.com for all of these yummy coats.


Scilly Lobster


Words really cannot describe my feelings when I look at this photo; none will do it justice!

For a very, very long time, we have been researching when and where we can get the perfect lobster roll. Having never had one before, the idea was idealised and heightened to a point where no roll would ever be good enough…or so we thought.

As perfect as the situation may sound, we weren’t expecting it at all. After a long walk around St Martins, Isles of Scilly (which just so happens to be my favourite place in the world) we were thinking about our appetites, and came across a sign for a cafe called Little Arthur…which served lobster rolls.  Being on the island for a family wedding, it didn’t look likely that we’d get to go. Boats were leaving early, lunchtimes were full of family affairs and evenings reserved for dancing to some classic wedding tunes. But, with luck on our side, and as my photo has already suggested, we made it!

Oh. My. Gosh.

I have never tasted anything like it. Sweet lobster, caught the previous day by the fisherman who is also the postman. A beautiful bun, baked by the islands bakery not 100m from the cafe. And to top it off? Apple juice pressed by my Great Uncle at his Vineyard 100m in the other direction! Looking out over the sea, on a misty lunchtime, there were no words, just a shared look that confirmed we’d found our lobster roll.

We already knew we wanted to go back, the islands themselves being supremely beautiful and holding many memories for me, but this just made us even the more eager to get back as soon as possible.

Thank you Scilly. Thank you Little Arthur. Thank you Lobster.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOne more to whet the appetite !

Thoughtful Gold


Read my most recent article about Gold Park, a Sussex based goldsmiths who have made it their mission to focus on the permanence of Gold.

Speaking with Susie, the brains of the business, really opened my eyes to another aspect of great change we can make. Recycling doesn’t simply need to mean plastic and cardboard; gold can also come under that category!

It is so important to make the most of what we have, and source the rest responsibly… these two women are making this their priority.

Read the article here:

Thoughtful Gold

Hipster Hummus at Kanaan

Whether you call it hummus, houmous or humus, this is the best.

Happy Hummus Smiles

Whilst in Berlin, a friend recommended that we try this place, as she’d recently discovered it and couldn’t rate it highly enough! I am now passing the word on.

It was the best hummus either of us have ever had. Full stop. Served with a sort of potato fritter/bhaji with a salsa salad on top, it was so creamy and smooth with so much flavour. I used to think a coarser texture in hummus was great, but this place has change all of my hummus perceptions.

We sat outside in the garden which is also a sandpit, with brewing clouds overhead, and very quickly made our way through our shared bowl…I’m just sad we didn’t have time to go again!

To find out a little more and plan your visit, go to: http://www.kanaan-berlin.de/en

Yellow Ambitions

63e07659-39bc-4697-a880-cb175c481b65.jpegA still from Wes Anderson’s film, Hotel Chevalier

One day, I will have a yellow room in my house, and it will be fantastic!


Above shows Claude Monet’s Dining Room in his house in Giverny, France. I’ve never been myself, but have word from a reliable source that it is definitely worth a visit.

If it’s good enough for Monet, it’s good enough for me.

Dumplings for Dinner

Always looking for a new culinary challenge, Ross and I made Potsticker dumplings for our Friday night supper. Such a simple recipe, that with just a little time and patience, gives incredible results.

We found the recipe on Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube and had been meaning to attempt it for a while, following in the Dumpling Sisters wise footsteps.

With a Youtube video to accompany, it really couldn’t be easier to follow, as I say, you just need a little patience and a lot of soy and this is really worth a go.


Filled with pork, bok choi, spring onions, garlic, ginger and soy, they sizzle in the pan until golden brown when you finish them off with a steam. And the dumpling mix is super easy as well, just flour, water and salt! The Dumpling Sisters have made this relatively fool proof… it just may take a while to get those neat little seal folds down to a ‘T’!

Find the full recipe and video here:

Perfect Potsticker Dumplings for Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube  VIDEO



Look familiar?

Look what I’ve found! Some beautiful Gucci platforms with their high-street Mango counterpart! In almost the exact hue of floral jacquard yellow, the similarities are hard to ignore.

Mango Embroidered Platform Wedges £89.99

The Gucci version is over 14 times the price… but it’s almost like buying two pairs of shoes, as the platform is removable… so maybe halve that! Still nothing on Mango’s £89.99, but then that’s the difference between high-street and designer.

Gucci Velvet Slipper with Removable Platform £1,290

I can’t imagine either would be that easy to wear. I’d be worried my feet would fall out of the Gucci slippers or those shiny ribbons wouldn’t be enough to hold the weight of a hefty platform, but your feet would look fabulous.