I’ll be at the Allotment

On a recent visit to Manchester, my friend recommended we visit a bar she’d been meaning to try out for some time. Having already been to a dodgy bar that served steins and had sticky tables and ending up in Nando’s for supper because we failed to book a table on a Saturday night (rookie we know!) everyone was hoping for somewhere a bit different.

The bar was called ‘Allotment’, which suits my friend down to the ground…I had a feeling it was going to be very much our kind of place.

Nestled in the busy Northern Quarter, with low lighting, picnic benches and a curved bar filled with smiling staff, Allotment bar was exactly what we were looking for. Heading up to get the drinks, I knew it was about time for a G&T, so I ordered two, only to find out that they were, as luck would have it, a specialised gin bar!!! Hallelujah!

With 68 different gins to chose from, I racked my brain to remember the name of my favourite but just could not get there. Remembering that it definitely has blueberries and grapefruit as a garnish, the barman whipped up a Brockmans, which went down a treat.

Finding this gem was a great end to our eventful Manchester bar crawl, and I would highly recommend everyone within the vicinity of Manchester visit. I will certainly make a trip on my next visit, and maybe even try some of their food or a cocktail teapot!





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