Baileys in the Bathroom

On a recent visit to Norfolk, Ross and I went to a pub we’d heard a lot about from his family – a pub with a bit of a difference.

Deciding to head for a pre-dinner pint, we thought it was about time we checked this place out. Owned by an avid art-collector, The Gunton Arms is full to the brim of famous artwork. There’s David Bailey shoots in the gents and naked sketches by Lucian Freud hung above doorways.

thumb_img_7724_1024A sneaky photo in the Gents

Not to mention the erotic ladies painted on dinner plates above the bar, done by Tracey Emin herself specifically for her friend, the owner.


This collection of artwork is arranged in a beautiful, otherwise traditional pub set in a historic park near Cromer in North Norfolk. Visiting on a misty evening gave the interior a perfect warmth, lit with more Emin neon’s and a nice glass of Merlot.

img_8076Trust Me…it’s worth a visit!

I’m looking forward to heading back for some food on our next visit. We watched as steaks were cooked on a griddle over the open fire in the dining room, meaning you can ask the chef for your exact preference, giving yet another level to this unique pub experience.

One thing I would say though – maybe don’t take your elderly Grandma!



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