Who likes the Mango?

Mango, mango, who like the mango, woaaaah, who like the mango!

Apologies for those who aren’t familiar with this rather bizarre song…it seemed appropriate at the time! Because Mango (not the fruity one the fashion-y one!) seems to have a really fantastic outerwear design team this Autumn.


Until recently, I had never been particularly drawn to the high-street store. I’ve had a few items from there, but they had either been bought in charity shops or from House of Fraser pop-up stores. I then discovered how amazing their choice of earrings was and since, haven’t kept my eyes far from their ‘New In’ list.


At this time of year, the new stuff comes flooding in, and I love to look through and think, if I had the money to buy a whole new winter wardrobe, what would I be buying this season? Well let me tell you… a lot from Mango!


Coats are my favourite items of clothing. Wear with all outfits, wear every day of the week, dress it up, dress it down, whatever takes your fancy!!! I also have a particular bias for anything in pink and yellow hues, so they have me hooked!


I haven’t quite put my finger on it quite yet, but there is a lot going on on their website which makes me want to buy it all! The girls look very cool, but being ‘them’ doesn’t feel far from realistic…it seems that all you need is a yellow fur coat and you’re on to a winner!

Visit mango.com for all of these yummy coats.


Look familiar?

Look what I’ve found! Some beautiful Gucci platforms with their high-street Mango counterpart! In almost the exact hue of floral jacquard yellow, the similarities are hard to ignore.

Mango Embroidered Platform Wedges £89.99

The Gucci version is over 14 times the price… but it’s almost like buying two pairs of shoes, as the platform is removable… so maybe halve that! Still nothing on Mango’s £89.99, but then that’s the difference between high-street and designer.

Gucci Velvet Slipper with Removable Platform £1,290

I can’t imagine either would be that easy to wear. I’d be worried my feet would fall out of the Gucci slippers or those shiny ribbons wouldn’t be enough to hold the weight of a hefty platform, but your feet would look fabulous.

Find your Niche


I recently interviewed a wonderful lady from Rye, East Sussex, who owns a boutique called Niche. With a strong interest in fashion, and a love for all things independent and retail, I found this to be a really interesting conversation.

Lesley traded a progressive career from Harrods, for the chance to run her own business. I talk to her about her journey and how she  buys for her local clientele as well as weekenders from London.

You can find the full article here: find-your-niche or in this months Eastbourne edition of ETC Magazine.



A Twist on the Trench

The trench coat is a perfect staple item for any wardrobe, a classic style to protect you from the rain. See how these designers have re-invented the trench this Spring.

Tan RI Studio embroidered trench coat £130 

Drawing on the popularity of embroidery at the moment, this River Island find is a classic with a twist. With the enlarged, embroidered wind-flap drawing the eye, the placement and colouring of the detail is subtle but striking.

PRADA Colour-block silk-faille trench coat £1,925

Who wants plain old beige, when you can add an injection of baby pink and vibrant orange? Not me, that’s for sure, although much less attainable (price-wise) than my other options.

Two-coloured belt parka £139.99

Okay so technically, not a trench, but it’s beige and has a belt, so I’m going to call it a Utility Trench. So many interesting details in this Mango piece, and as shown above, plenty of ways to wear as well.

 Zara Double Breasted Trench Coat, Navy £79.99

Still classic, just not beige, this navy Zara alternative is perfect to disguise rain splatters if you’re just too busy for dry-cleaning.

Draped Trench Coat, & Other Stories £125

Add some elegance to your Spring wardrobe with this free-flowing trench. Unlined and made of a much softer fabric than your usual gabardine, you can chuck this on over any Spring ensemble.

Burberry X Henry Moore

The beginning of the week marked the last day of the brilliant Burberry exhibition showcasing their most recent collection, AW17.

thumb_p2270079_1024Alongside the sculpture inspiration 

Christopher Bailey combined Womenswear, Menswear and Couture, to put on a spectacular show during London Fashion Week. The show was held at the Burberry show-space, Makers House, which was then re-purposed for a beautiful exhibition of the entire collection.


The inspiration for the collection was the life and work of the late sculptor, Henry Moore. The mezzanine floor displayed Bailey’s sketches alongside the sculptors work, showing the translation between the two.


Large sculptures were dotted throughout the space, celebrating the beauty of Moore’s work. This really helped to associate the finished product with what Bailey found so inspiring.


The main attraction of the exhibition were the couture capes, which hung from the ceiling on sculpted mannequins. The suspended capes were truly magnificent, each with their name and inspiration marked out on the floor below.


Without a glass cabinet or red-rope in sight, you were able to get right up close to the pieces, a rare gift from the Burberry designer. This allowed me to see every hand-sewn edge and thread of bead work, making me even more appreciative of the skill involved.

Just when you thought he couldn’t have come up with another variation of the cape, each managing to be so different from the one before, you’d walk to the next and be completely blown away. Fox fur which follows the form of a Henry Moore sculpture, shearling overlaid with lace and embroidery, a cape made completely from magnifying glasses and one sculpted from shells.


Although the main attraction, for me at least, were the capes, the rest of the collection was also showcased in marching order. This showed the Moore print shirts, Breton stripe tee’s inspired by the sculptors apron, and re-worked Aran knit jumpers…as well as of course the Burberry trench.


Unfortunately the week long exhibition is now closed, but you can watch the  full show on Burberry’s website here https://show.burberry.com/uk/, as well as shop the collection as per Bailey’s new ‘see now, buy now’ ethos.