Yellow Ambitions

63e07659-39bc-4697-a880-cb175c481b65.jpegA still from Wes Anderson’s film, Hotel Chevalier

One day, I will have a yellow room in my house, and it will be fantastic!


Above shows Claude Monet’s Dining Room in his house in Giverny, France. I’ve never been myself, but have word from a reliable source that it is definitely worth a visit.

If it’s good enough for Monet, it’s good enough for me.


Look familiar?

Look what I’ve found! Some beautiful Gucci platforms with their high-street Mango counterpart! In almost the exact hue of floral jacquard yellow, the similarities are hard to ignore.

Mango Embroidered Platform Wedges £89.99

The Gucci version is over 14 times the price… but it’s almost like buying two pairs of shoes, as the platform is removable… so maybe halve that! Still nothing on Mango’s £89.99, but then that’s the difference between high-street and designer.

Gucci Velvet Slipper with Removable Platform £1,290

I can’t imagine either would be that easy to wear. I’d be worried my feet would fall out of the Gucci slippers or those shiny ribbons wouldn’t be enough to hold the weight of a hefty platform, but your feet would look fabulous.